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Blocs Wave for iOS released

New Focusrite Novation brand releases mobile music creation app

Blocs Wave for iOS is a music-creation app designed to inspire new ideas. Developed by Focusrite Novation’s new sub-brand, Blocs, Wave lets you combine professional sounds from a wide array of genres, tweak sounds using touchable waveforms, and even record your own vocals or instruments (even via Audiobus) to help bring your ideas to life in minutes. 

With a real-time stretch loop concept at its heart, the app is designed to get you moving through new combinations quickly, in search of the perfect groove or musical idea. When you’re done, export each sound and then continue in your own favourite external music software.

The app is designed for iPhone and iPad and lets you combine up to eight sounds at a time. The initial download (currently £3.99/$4.99) features 6 soundpacks including nearly 300 loops, with another 12 available in the store, with more to be released.

Advanced features include a real-time stretch engine allowing changes in tempo at any time; the in-key system, helping you keep in key at all times; low-latency recording; Import and export from AudioCopy, AudioShare, Mail; record and monitor using most USB audio interfaces; Audiobus and iPad Pro support.

Watch/hear it in action here:

And here:

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