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Boss launch SDE-3000D & SDE-3000EVH delay pedals

Standard & Eddie Van Halen signature models available

Boss SDE-3000D SDE-3000EVH guitar delay pedal stereo wet dry Eddie Van Halen EVH signature

Boss have announced the launch of a pair of new delay pedals, the SDE-3000D and SDE-3000EVH. Each of the units provide an authentic reproduction of the Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay processor from the 1980s in pedal format. Each model is equipped with in-depth delay parameters and versatile signal routing options, whilst the EVH version provides additional I/O and a collection of presets that aim to recreate Eddie Van Halen’s dual SD-3000 live setup.


Boss SDE-3000D guitar delay pedal stereoThe Boss SDE-3000S delay pedal.Boss say that their engineers have deeply analysed all of the factors that played a part in creating the SDE-3000’s distinctive sound, including its complex digital processing and the non-linear behaviour of the supporting analogue circuitry. Nearly every parameter found on the device is present in the new pedal, and can be accessed directly using a retro interface inspired by the original hardware.

Whilst staying true to the SDE-3000’s sound, the company have also added a number of features which greatly expand on its capabilities. For example, instead of being limited to mono operation, the SDE-3000D is equipped with two individual delay processors which can be arranged in series or parallel, and each benefit from their own independent settings and mono or stereo modulation options.

Additionally, the pedal offers 100 user memory slots, stereo inputs and outputs, MIDI connectivity via a pair of 3.5mm mini-jacks and a pair of quarter-inch TRS sockets that allow the connection of an expression pedal along with a range of optional external footswitches or controllers.


The SDE-3000EVH has been developed in collaboration with EVH, and promises to deliver an authentic recreation of the stereo delay effects that played a major part in Eddie Van Halen’s three-cabinet wet/dry/wet stage setup. All of the features of the SDE-3000D are present, but with the addition of some extra I/O connections and configurations that allow users to achieve the same setup with their own amplifiers.

Boss SDE-3000EVH rear panel effects loop connectionsAdditional connections on the SDE-3000EVH allow the pedal to be configured for either standard stereo or wet/dry/wet operation.

The stereo inputs and outputs present on the SDE-3000D are joined by external effects loop connections, which allow the pedal to be connected in either a standard left/right stereo arrangement, or can be configured so that the pedal is able to output a dry signal and two effect-only processed signals to form the same wet/dry/wet arrangement used in Eddie’s rig. Four presets for each of the two configurations then offer users access to a range of the guitarist’s signature sounds.

Pricing & Availability

The SDE-3000D and SDE-3000EVH are both available now, priced at $499 and $599 respectively.

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