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Modartt release Pianoteq for iOS

Standalone App & AUv3 plug-in now available

Modartt Pianoteq 8 modelled piano guitar harp harpsichord percussion virtual instrument plug-in iOS app iPad iPhone

Modartt have announced that their popular Pianoteq software is now available in mobile form for users of Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices, both as a standalone iOS App and an AUv3 plug-in for use within mobile DAW software.

Modartt say that the new iOS version is an exact reproduction of the desktop-based software, and features a reworked interface that has been optimised for iPhones and iPads to ensure the best user experience possible. It is possible to play the instrument using an on-screen virtual keyboard, or connect to an external MIDI keyboard by using a wired adapter or utilising Bluetooth MIDI.

The company have implemented a cross-platform licensing system, allowing current Pianoteq users to download the iOS App and convert it to their current version for no additional charge. This also works the other way around, with those who purchase licenses via the App Store also gaining access to the desktop version.


Pianoteq for iOS is compatible with Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices, and requires iOS 15 or higher.

Pricing & Availability

Pianoteq for iOS is available now from Apple’s App store, and will download as a free trial version of Pianoteq Stage. Licenses for each version of the software can be obtained through in-app purchases, with pricing remaining the same as their desktop counterparts. Trial versions of the Standard and Pro versions, as well as instrument packs, are also available.

  • Pianoteq Stage: €139
  • Pianoteq Standard: €269
  • Pianoteq Pro: €399
  • Instrument Packs: €49 each

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