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CEDAR announce DNS 8D update

Firmware and hardware upgrades

CEDAR Audio DNS 8D Dialogue Noise Suppression firmware hardware upgrade

CEDAR Audio have announced new firmware and hardware updates for their dialogue noise suppression device, the DNS 8D. New units will be fitted with an improved OLED display and will ship with a new firmware version, the latter of which is now also available to existing owners via a simple upgrade.

DNS 8D units with the serial number 15020 and onwards will sport the latest white OLED displays, offering improved clarity and retaining the user-adjustable brightness control to ensure they can be operated comfortably in any lighting conditions.

CEDAR say that the DNS algorithm has evolved significantly since its first appearance in the DNS1000, with today’s models able to remove more noise, more easily, all whilst exhibiting fewer artefacts than before. The processing was refined during the production of the company's recent DNS 4, allowing the device to retain a more natural sound when cleaning dialogue recordings that contain a large amount of noise. With the introduction of the new firmware, DNS 8D users are now able to benefit from the same improvements.

Pricing & Availability

The firmware update is free for existing users, and can be installed over a network via a standard web browser. Pricing for new DNS 8D units remains the same, and can be obtained by contacting CEDAR Audio directly.

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