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Darkglass unveil Duality DFZ pedal

Popular dual fuzz effect returns

Darkglass Electronics DFZ Duality Dual Fuzz Engine guitar effects pedal remake

Darkglass Electronics have announced the release of Duality DFZ, a guitar effects pedal that contains two separate discreet fuzz circuits, allowing users to blend between a high-gain guitar tone and a gated sawtooth wave.

Darkglass Electronics DFZ Duality Dual Fuzz Engine guitar effects pedal remake The DFZ's minimalist top panel sports just a dual-concentric knob and a footswitch.Darkglass’ discontinued Duality Dual Fuzz Engine pedal was highly regarded amongst guitarists for its tonal quality and ease of use, and the company say that they are returning the design to production due to popular demand. The Duality DFZ shares the same mechanical configuration as the original pedal, but in smaller, more pedalboard-friendly form factor.

The pedal features a simple top panel, equipped with just a dual-concentric knob and a bypass footswitch. The outer Level control provides adjustment over the volume of the overdriven signal, whilst the inner Duality dial allows users to blend between the two fuzz circuits. Setting the control all the way to the left offers just a gated sawtooth wave, whilst the rightmost position provides a tighter sounding high-gain fuzz.

Another two controls are also available, and are placed behind a panel on the rear of the pedal. A Blend dial allows users to mix their clean signal with the pedal’s overdriven signal, whilst a Filter knob is available to control the amount of high-frequency content in the fuzz signal. When using the Blend control, the clean signal remains at unity gain, with fine control of the blend ratio provided by the front panel Level knob.

The pedal measures 50 x 130 x 65 mm (width x height x depth). Power can be delivered from a standard 9V DC centre-negative supply, with the Duality DFZ drawing a current of 40mA.

Pricing & Availability

The Duality DFZ is available now, priced at $149£142 including VAT.

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