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DPA’s new 3mm subminiature mics are vanishingly small

New headset mic demoed for us at AES Convention

DPA’s new 6000 Series ‘subminiature’ microphones are something of an engineering marvel. Not only have the Danish mic makers shrunk down their headset and lavalier mics by 60%, they’ve also managed to imbue them with the same self-noise rating as their (slightly) larger cousins, the 4000 Series. The result is a vanishingly small mic — only 3mm in diameter — that has an impressive dynamic range thanks to the miniaturised Core preamp technology, which was launched last year.

There are two main flavours of the subminiatures: the headset and lavalier types. And DPA have really gone to town with the headset engineering making it more robust, secure and discreet.

Find out more about the new mics in our news story from September and watch the video above to hear from René Morche of DPA.

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