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DrēmTrigger: electronic drum sounds made easy

New standalone drum trigger features two triggers plus laser sensor


Founded by drummer Josh Fifelski, new company DrēmTrigger aim to take all the hassle out of live drum triggering. Despite being smaller than an average guitar pedal, their eponymous debut product boasts two trigger pads, a laser sensor, 16GB of sample memory, a rechargeable battery, and an onboard menu/control system, allowing you to change your samples mid-set. The DrēmTrigger also clips straight onto your existing drum shells, eliminating the need for extra hardware.

The two trigger pads are vertically offset, making it easy to trigger the right sound, while the laser sensor lets you trigger a third sample or loop, simply by hitting whatever drum you've clipped the DrēmTrigger to. And by using the laser to sense drum hits, it won't damp your acoustic sound like piezo triggers sometimes can.

Round the back of the DrēmTrigger is a USB port, which can be used to recharge the internal battery, load samples onto the device, and also act as a USB MIDI interface, so that you can use the DrēmTrigger to trigger samples or software instruments on your computer. The accompanying Launch software handles sample management, and allows detailed editing of each trigger's response, with sliders for threshold and sensitivity.

The DrēmTrigger is available now from the new company's online shop, and costs £336 including VAT. Click below to see and hear it in action!

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