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Two Notes release 16Ω Captor X

Premium reactive loading/speaker simulation now available with higher impedance

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X (16)

In the August edition of Sound On Sound, we reviewed the Torpedo Captor X, a combined reactive dummy load/attenuator, speaker simulator and convolution processor from French guitar-amp experts Two Notes. In fact, we didn't just review it, we heaped praise on it, for making top-tier amp loading and outstanding virtual cabinets and rooms available at an extremely attractive price. You can read our review HERE or, if you're not a subscriber, via our replica digital edition HERE.

The original Captor X had a speaker-input impedance of 8Ω, but if you're of the higher-Z persuasion, Two Notes have now got you covered, with a new 16Ω version. The Torpedo Captor X (16) is identical in all respects to the original, but for its higher input impedance. It's available now and costs £469.

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