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Drums On Demand

Acoustic R&B: The latest Drums On Demand
US-based sample creators, Drums On Demand, have announced a new product in their Downloadables range. Acoustic R&B features six 'song sets': construction kits of loops ranging from 64bpm to 125bpm.

The same drum kit is used throughout the collection, and it features heavily dampened drums for that classic ’60s and ’70s rhythm and blues sound. However, Drums On Demand claim that it's just as suitable for modern hip-hop, and R&B.

The song sets can be bought separately, for $6.95 each (around £3.50 when we went to press), or all together, for just $34.95 (around £18).

Drums On Demand's Downloadables can be purchased from their web site, by clicking on the small link under the list of the nine DOD volumes. Alternatively, click here.

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