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Dynaudio unleash Core 5 & Core Sub Compact monitors

Core family gains compact nearfields and subwoofer

Dynaudio Core 5 Sub Compact two-way nearfield subwoofer for small rooms immersive Atmos surround setups

Dynaudio have announced an expansion of their Core monitor range, delivering two new models — the Core 5 and Core Sub Compact — that aim to provide an ideal solution for smaller studios, as well as forming part of larger immersive setups.

Core 5

The Core 5 is a two-way nearfield that has been designed specifically for small spaces in a stereo configuration, or to take on height and surround channel duties in immersive rigs. Despite its modest size (the cabinet measures 190 x 353 x 265 mm) it boasts an impressive bandwidth, with -3dB points at 51Hz and 26kHz, and the low-end response dropping to -6dB at 45Hz. Power is equally well specified, with 280W of Class-D amplification allowing the monitor to provide a maximum SPL of 116dB (measured at 1m).

It benefits from the same DSP platform used in the rest of the Core series, with a range of filters providing compensation for common positions and boundary effects — settings for meter bridges, stands, bracket, free space and soffit mounting are all present. There’s also an 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley high-pass filter that can be engaged when using the Core 5 with a subwoofer, and Bright, Natural and Dark voicing profiles to help fine-tune the monitor’s tonality to suit the acoustic environment.

As for connectivity, analogue line-level inputs are joined by AES3 and Word Clock inputs, with an AES3 output allowing the incoming signal to be passed on to another speaker.

Core Sub Compact

The second new addition to the Core family provides a packed-down alternative to the Core Sub that promises to deliver precise and powerful bass without taking up too much space! It employs a pair of Dynaudio’s MSP+ Hybrid Drive speakers working in an opposed configuration, with low-end performance extending all the way down to 16Hz with a peak SPL capability of 115dB. Thanks to the Core family’s DSP engine, the Core Sub Compact can be integrated into everything from a 2.1 system right the way up to a fully kitted out 17.1.11 immersive setup.

Pricing & Availability

The Core 5 and Core Sub Compact are available now in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, priced at €1590 and €2490 respectively. Worldwide availability is expected to follow in Q2 2024.

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