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VSL unveil Synchron World Percussion

Samples joined by over 500 authentic MIDI loops

VSL Synchron World Percussion Brazil Middle East West Africa sample library

The latest library to join VSL’s Synchron range offers an extensive collection of percussion instruments from West Africa, the Middle East and Brazil, all of which have been captured in the large hall of the company’s Synchron Stage Vienna facility. Along with its comprehensive range of instruments, Synchron World Percussion also includes over 500 MIDI loops that provide a set of traditional rhythms from each region.

VSL worked alongside world-class players to produce the library, capturing performances by Ibou Ba from Senegal, Hamidreza Ojaghi from the Kurdish region of Iran, and Luis Ribeiro from Brazil. Along with a wide variety of single hits, each musician also played a number of traditional rhythms which are available as loops in Synchron Player. They can be auditioned within the library, and then dragged to a DAW track for editing and arrangement. As the library was recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna, it can be blended seamlessly with other libraries within the same range.

As with all Synchron offerings, World Percussion is available in two versions: Standard and Full. Both feature an identical set of instruments and articulations, but the Full Library includes nine microphone position options in place of the Standard’s four. Users of the Full Library enjoy a choice of three (Condenser, Tube and Dynamic) close mic options, a pair of mid mics, a Decca Tree array and a selection of additional outriggers aimed at surround and immersive mixes. The Standard Library, meanwhile, offers a single close mic choice along with mid and Decca Tree signals.


The following instruments are included in the library:


  • Pandeiro
  • Surdos
  • Tamborim
  • Cuíca
  • Snare
  • Repinique
  • Chocalho
  • Shaker
  • Agogo Bells
  • Timbau
  • Reco-reco

West Africa

  • Djembes
  • Sabar Drums
  • Talking Drums
  • Doum Doums
  • Shekere
  • Caxixi
  • Bell Straps
  • Cabalonga

Middle East

  • Daf
  • Daira
  • Daf Bass
  • Pandariq
  • Riq
  • Darabuka
  • Tombak
  • Dohol
  • Naghare
  • Tas


Synchron World Percussion runs in VSL's Synchron Player, which is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 10.14 and above. VST, VST3, AU and AAX versions are available. The Standard Library requires 8.3GB of disk space, and the full library occupies 18.8GB.

Pricing & Availability

Synchron World Percussion is available now, and is currently (4 April 2024) subject to the following introductory prices:

  • Standard Library: €185 (usually €245)
  • Full Library: €280 (usually €380)

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