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Dynaudio launch three-way LYD 48 monitor

We find out about the Danish company's new mid/near-field monitor

Dynaudio Pro have announced the latest addition to their acclaimed LYD studio monitor range. The new LYD 48 features a 3-way speaker design, coupling an eight-inch and a four-inch woofer with a one-inch tweeter, making them well suited for nearfield as well as midfield monitor applications.

Each of the woofers and the tweeter are powered by a dedicated Class D amplifier, delivering 80W / 50W / 50W of power per monitor. The amp features a 96kHz/24bit signal path and selectable input sensitivity, as well as the same Standby Mode as the original LYD speakers.

Also, like the other LYD monitors, the new 3-way version features Bass Extension, allowing for a choice between the default setting or pushing towards maximum bass or maximum volume. Switching between these modes affects the low-end response by employing a tilt, but importantly the linear frequency response and phase remain intact.

Like all Dynaudio speakers, the LYD48 were designed, assembled, finalised and tested in Denmark. They will be available in the second quarter of 2017 and will cost $1529 each.

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