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Dynaudio PRO introduce M5P Evidence mastering monitor

High-End Mastering Speakers launched at AES show

Dynaudio PRO M5P Evidence, hand-built in Denmark.

Dynaudio’s have revealed a brand new and very high-end, built-to-order far-field monitoring system for mastering applications. The speaker, dubbed the M5P Evidence, is “a passive floor-standing studio monitor specifically designed for mastering applications,” says Dynaudio PRO product manager, Sebastian Rodens. "It has been derived from the acclaimed Evidence Platinum High-End speaker and is the first studio monitor to feature Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC) which reduces reflections from floors and ceilings for delivering the highest possible level of transparency and details in reproduced audio to mastering engineers and other audio professionals.”

Dynaudio Directivity Control builds on a vertical, symmetrical drive unit array and an elaborate series of crossovers, which is designed to create a controlled sound radiation. With two 28mm tweeters, two five-inch mid-range drivers and four seven-inch woofers per loudspeaker, each drive unit complements its counterpart with regard to frequency response and phase relationship in such a way that an accurate and defined sound radiation characteristic is achieved. The energy radiated to the room’s floor and ceiling is also reduced by approximately 75%, claim its makers. The consequence is that M5P is less dependent on the room and positioning becomes less critical.

To implement DDC in the lower frequencies, the woofer cabinets are positioned directly above and below the midrange and high-frequency driver middle section in order to provide a more equally spread radiation of the lower frequencies into the room. Further, the four-woofer-design combines the diaphragm surface of a larger single-woofer design with the power, speed and control of four smaller single voice coil-magnet-assemblies.

The system has an overall frequency response of 28 Hz to 25 kHz and employs crossovers at 290Hz, 480Hz, 2.2 kHz and 8.5 kHz. 

If you’re attending the AES show in Los Angeles, you can hear the Dynaudio M5P Evidence speakers in a dedicated listening room located off the busy trade show floor (#513).

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