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ATC reveal compact passive nearfield monitor

SCM12 Pro is company's most affordable speaker yet

British high-end monitor manufacturers ATC have launched a new passive nearfield monitor. The new SCM12 Pro is not only the most affordable speaker in the company’s professional range, it’s also the smallest. But ATC promise the same standards of performance from this new compact, two-way nearfield that have made their full-sized three- and four-way speakers a byword for quality.

The SCM12 Pro is designed for critical nearfield listening and LCR surround monitoring. Naturally, it’s equipped with a pair of ATC’s own proprietary drivers, hand-built in the UK. The one-inch soft dome tweeter employs a dual-suspension design, said to offer greater control over the motion of the voice coil at high SPLs, reducing anharmonic distortion and listener fatigue. The six-inch mid/bass driver feature a cone constructed using ATC’s CLD (Constrained Layer Damping) technique, which uses multiple laminated fabric layers to create a light, stiff and well-damped structure. This is said to deliver a smoother on- and off-axis frequency response, less distortion and more lifelike reproduction. The SCM12 Pro will be available from October 3rd, priced at £1146/$1990 per pair.

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