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EDU DIY Snare Drum module from Erica Synths

DIY Eurorack range gains snare module

Erica Synths Moritz Klein EDU DIY Snare Drum build your own Eurorack drum module

Erica Synths and Moritz Klein’s mki x es.EDU product range has been developed with the aim of teaching people with little to no experience how to design analogue synthesizer circuits from scratch. With kick and hi-hat modules already part of the range, it’s probably no surprise that the latest release comes in the form of the EDU DIY Snare Drum

Following the same concept as its siblings, the new module comes supplied in kit form. But rather than simply providing a collection of parts and assembly instructions, Erica Synths offer a downloadable manual that explains the design in detail and explains how the choices made during its development affect the sound of the finished module. 

The front panel shares the same design as previous offerings. A large Tune knob is joined by Attack, Decay, Tune CV and Snappy controls, with a selection of patch points provided on standard 3.5mm connectors. Along with a trigger input and audio output, EDU DIY Snare Drum is equipped with an Accent connection, along with Tune CV and Snappy CV inputs that allow the corresponding parameters to be modulated by control voltage signals. As you might imagine, the sound of the module has been designed to complement the EDU DIY Kick Drum and Hi-Hat. 

Pricing & Availability

The EDU DIY Snare Drum is available now, priced at €65.

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