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Elektron launch Analog Heat MKII

Stereo analogue processor is more robust, backlit buttons and sharper screen

We just reviewed Elektron’s MKII updates to their sound-producing Analog Four, Analog Rytm and Octactrack. Now, they’ve given their stereo processor/audio interface, Analog Heat, an update. 

The idea behind the Analog Heat MKII is to enhancing any sound source you plug into it with its eight analogue effects, multimode filter, and two-band EQ. Upgrades from the MKI version include tougher and more precise encoders, back-lit buttons and a larger, brighter and sharper OLED screen, making it better suited to on-stage use. Like its predecessor (reviewed back in July 2017), it also functions as a 2-in, 2-out audio interface.

The eight distortion effects available are: clean boost, tape-like saturation, tube amp-like enhancement, overdrive, crunch, distortion, harmonic fuzz and high gain. There’s not much more you could ask for as far as distortion goes.

Right next to the effects dial there's a stereo analogue multimode filter and a two-band stereo analogue EQ. Modulation sources include a custom envelope and an LFO, each with a host of possible destinations. The intuitive controls and the ample modulation options are intended to make precise sound processing a breeze. Combined use of filter and envelope lets you heat up just the frequency range you want, at just the amplitude threshold you want.

As the name might suggest, the Analog Heat’s signal path is indeed 100% analogue. It’s worth noting that the original Analog Heat could be set up with Elektron’s Overbridge software to be used as a hardware plug-in — one of the ways it which the device’s audio interface capabilities can be put to work. Although there is no mention of this functionality in the press release for the MKII version, it doesn’t look like the updates with necessarily affect this integration.

Analog Heat MKII costs $819/£750/€830–870 and is available now.

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