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Elektron release Syntakt

12-track drum machine and synthesizer

Elektron Syntakt front panel

Elektron have released Syntakt, a 12-track drum computer and synthesizer equipped with 35 sound generators, on-board effects and a built-in 64-step sequencer. Although the focus is on drums and percussion, the device’s four analogue and eight digital tracks can also produce melody, harmony and bass sounds.

The eight digital tracks all feature 10 selectable sound machines, six of which are drum sounds, with tonal synths filling the remaining four slots. In terms of effects, each track has access to a digital overdrive, multimode filter and base-width filters. There are also two assignable LFOs per track. Three analogue tracks each provide a total of 15 sound machines, this time with 12 drum sounds, a Dual VCO synth, an Impulse, and a Noise Generator. The effects here are also analogue, with an overdrive and multimode filter available per track. Again, each track features two assignable LFOs. Lastly, a fourth analogue track dedicated to cymbals provides hi-hat, cymbal and cowbell sounds. This track also features Impulse and Noise Generator sound sources, and benefits from the same compliment of effects and LFOs as the other three analogue tracks. On-board Delay and Reverb are also present as send effects, with automation available.

Syntakt features a built-in 64-step sequencer offering individual pattern lengths and time scale multipliers per-track. Four modifiers allow manipulation of parameters during live performance, and these can also be recorded into the step sequencer. A MIDI machine can be assigned to any of the 12 tracks when synth sources are being used, allowing external devices to be controlled with four-note polyphony, assignable CCs and an LFO. An external stereo input provides access to the Syntakt’s effects, allowing users to utilise the device’s filters, distortion, delay and reverb effects to process external sources.

Elektron Syntakt rear panel

The rear panel provides comprehensive I/O, with stereo inputs and outputs provided on four quarter-inch jacks, with MIDI In, Thru and Out available on DIN connectors. A headphone output is provided on another quarter-inch jack, and a USB connection provides class-compliant audio to a host machine at 24-bit/48kHz as well as MIDI over USB. Power is delivered via an external 12V PSU.

The Syntakt is priced at £849 Inc VAT. Demand has been high, with the initial run sold out, but Elektron say that more stock is on the way.

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