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Emvoice One gains vibrato tool

Vocal generating plug-in updated

Emvoice One vibrato update vocal part synthesiser generate from text piano roll DAW

Emvoice One is a vocal synthesis plug-in created by Emvoice that allows DAW users to generate vocal lines from a combination of a text box and piano roll interface. Four different voices are currently available, and the company’s latest update has introduced a vibrato feature, expanding the plug-in’s capabilities and promising to deliver lifelike vocals.

Emvoice say that they have meticulously studied the human voice, breaking thousands of individual vocal recordings down to a granular level which can then be reconstructed into vocal parts based on a user’s text input. The plug-in connects to cloud-based servers, which carry out the necessary processing involved and deliver the results back to the hosting DAW session. Breath sounds are generated in order to provide a realistic sound and selectable common pronunciation options are available, with users also able to create their own from phonemes.

There are four voices available, each with a useable range of C0 to C5, however each voice also has a “natural range” which is recommended for realistic results. The voices and their ranges are as follows:

  • Keela - Female voice with a natural range of D2 to G4
  • Lucy - Female voice with a natural range of E2 to A4
  • Jay - Male Voice with a natural range of E1 to C4
  • Thomas - Classic vocoder with a range of C0 to C5

In addition to full custom control of pitch and glissando, this latest update provides users with the ability to apply vibrato to notes within their patterns by drawing directly onto the notes within the piano roll using a new vibrato tool. Clicking and dragging vertically sets the amplitude, whilst holding Alt/Option and dragging horizontally will change the speed of the effect. Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of how the new feature works and sounds.


Emvoice One is supported on both PC and Mac, and is available in VST3, VST3, AAX and AU plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

Emvoice One is available now. Each voice is sold individually, and all four are currently on offer for $39 each until 1 December 2022, reduced from their usual cost of $99 each.

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