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myVolts Candycord Halo Kickstarter

LED cables respond to CV signals

myVolts Candycord Halo LED light up patch cables modular synth CV signal display

myVolts are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund Candycord Halo, a range of illuminated patch cables aimed at users of modular synths. Each plug in a cable is equipped with an LED which lights up when presented with a voltage between 3 and 12V, providing users with visual feedback on the status of their CV connections.

Stronger signals will result in a brighter output from the cables due to the higher voltage, and with lower frequency signals the output of the cable will pulse, displaying the rate of the signal’s oscillation. The cables are also capable of changing colour to reflect polarity changes.

The cables will be available in 15, 30, 50, 80, and 150 cm lengths, with a choice of seven cable colours: Sunset Peach, Marshmallow Pink, Jellybean Purple, Mint Green, Cool Grey, Pineapple Yellow, and Liquorice Black. The pink, peach, purple and black cables are fitted with a blue/red bi-colour LED, whilst the yellow, green, and grey options are equipped with green/red LEDs.


The campaign will end on 2 December 2022, and whilst the funding goal has already been reached, there are still a range of reward packages available to those wishing to support the project and secure an order.

Pledges start at €10 to show support, with pledges from €19 upwards available for those wishing to secure an order in the first Candycord Halo shipment, which myVolts say will be ready by the end of January 2023.…

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