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myVolts to launch The Alchemist power hubs

Kickstarted campaign now live

myVolts Silent Alchemist USB DC power supply pedals synths laptops

myVolts have announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacture of two new power hubs, The Alchemist and The Silent Alchemist. Already designed and developed based on a six-month-long user survey, the units provide a flexible, high-quality solution for powering a wide range of audio equipment. 

The Alchemists

The Alchemist connectors diagram.The Alchemist is described by myVolts as an ‘anything in, anything out’ power solution. It’s equipped with two USB-C outputs capable of delivering up to 100W, and a pair of USB-A ports that can provide up to 45W, offering enough bus power to satisfy the likes of laptops and compatible synths, pedals and so on. Paired with the company’s Ripcord and Step-Up adapters, it’s also possible to increase the output voltage to cater to 9V and 12V equipment. Power to the hub itself can be delivered either via a 9–24V 5A DC PSU, or 100W USB-C.

The Silent Alchemist sports eight multi-voltage, isolated USB outputs that help to tackle the ground loops that can occur when connecting multiple USB-powered devices. Once again, DC or USB power supplies can be used as the initial source, and the USB ports are joined by a 24V DC output designed for daisy-chaining units. 

PowerMyGear App

The company have also launched a new browser-based app that aims to assist users in how to power their gear safely, correctly and sustainably. Click here to check it out.

Pricing & Availability

The Alchemist Kickstarter campaign is live until 20 June 2024, with prices starting at €199. Units will begin shipping to backers in October 2024.

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