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Eplex7 DSP release SPX90

Psytrance Bass virtual instrument

Eplex7 Psytrance Bass SPX90 Electronic bass instrument VST Trance EDM

Eplex7 DSP have announced the release of Psytrance Bass SPX90, a new virtual instrument dedicated to creating bass sounds for electronic music, particularly sub-genres of trance.

The plug-in features a single oscillator equipped with 12 assorted variations of saw, sine, and square waves, octave shifting, and a Fine-Tune parameter. A modelled analogue filter section contains Cutoff and Resonance controls, and is followed by a Saturation knob that offers a range of distortion effects that is capable of providing everything from subtle overdrive to heavily distorted tones. A pair of controls labelled High Sharpness and Deep Fatness then offer some tonal control over the sound generated by the instrument’s oscillators.

The plug-in’s combined amp and filter envelope provides Attack, Decay, and Sustain parameters along with an Amount control, and the company say it has been optimised to deliver the fast and precise control required for the genre’s signature bass sounds without introducing clicks and pops. Lastly, a Main Module section houses the Main Volume control, along with a Glide parameter that offers both monophonic and polyphonic operation modes.


Psytrance Bass SPX90 is supported on 32- and 64-bit Windows systems, and is available as a VST plug-in.

Pricing & Availability

Psytrance Bass SPX90 is available now, priced at €32.

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