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EurekaSound introduce humbucker soundhole pickup mount

Put a humbucker in your acoustic with no soldering or permanent modification

The ever-inventive creators of musical accessories at EurekaSound have come up with a convenient way to mount magnetic pickups in acoustic guitars and basses with no soldering or permanent modification required. Their Eureka Sound Hole Pickup Mount series includes 3D-printed mounts for humbuckers, Strat-sized single-coils and P-bass pickups. Each one provides an on-board volume control, with an output cable terminating in a quarter-inch jack socket with a handy clip that attaches to the guitar’s endpin.

Pickups are installed in the mounts using their standard mounting springs and screws, while the pickup wires are simply screwed into clamps beneath the mount. While these mounts cost $45 each, EurekaSound have also introduced the unusual 2/4 Split Pickup. Costing $135 and featuring three mini EMG pickups, this soundhole-mounted pickup features a switch that lets you use it as a standard mono pickup or split into stereo, sending the lowest two strings to a separate output, for octave shifting, should one desire.

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