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Eventide Rotary Mod now available

Classic Leslie cabinet emulated

Eventide's quest for domination of your plug-in menu continues, with a new addition to their H9 series of effects. Rotary Mod is, as its name may suggest, an emulation of the classic Leslie rotating speaker. Originally designed for Hammond organs, the Leslie speaker has since been put to use on just about every instrument conceivable, and is responsible for the bubbling guitar, vocal and piano tones associated with records from the Beatles, Beach Boys, Cream, the Band, Pink Floyd and more.

Like a real Leslie, Rotary Mod can be set to either Fast or Slow modes — but the plug-in goes further, in offering independent control over the speeds of the modelled high- and low-frequency drivers, as well as a balance control, for adjusting the high and low drivers' contribution to the mix.

The speed of rotation can, of course, be sync'ed to your DAW's tempo, and the effect can be manipulated in real time, thanks to the touch slider along the bottom of the UI.

Eventide Rotary Mod is available now, and costs $99 for the AU/VST/AAX or $7.99 for the iOS version

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