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Fender unveil Tone Master Pro system

Features all existing Tone Master amp models & more

Fender Tone Master Pro multi-effects amp modelling guitar floorboard system

Fender have announced the launch of the Tone Master Pro, a new multi-effects and amp modelling system powered by the technology used in their Tone Master amplifiers. Over 100 built-in amp and effects models are included, with the system aiming to become the ultimate all-in-one solution for guitarists in the studio and on stage.

Tone Master Pro

The top half of the Tone Master Pro’s floorboard-style enclosure houses a seven-inch touchscreen and a pair of rotary/push encoders, whilst the lower half is occupied by ten footswitches, each with their own LCD ‘scribble strip’ display. An intuitive user interface allows users to create new presets and customise footswitch assignments directly on the unit itself, and then combine the results to create Songs and Setlists for instant recall.

The device comes loaded with meticulously modelled recreations of a wide range of classic amps. All of the current Tone Master models are present, and the company have also included the first officially licensed EVH 5150 III Stealth model. The models utilise over 6000 impulse responses captured by Fender, offering a variety of virtual cabinet and microphone options, and loading of third-party responses is also supported. A wealth of onboard effects are provided, and the unit features a preset spillover feature, allowing reverb and delay tails to continue seamlessly when a new preset is selected.

Fender Tone Master Pro rear panel I/O jack TRS TS XLRThe Tone Master Pro's rear panel houses a wealth of I/O options.

The rear panel hosts a comprehensive selection of I/O and provides plenty of options for expansion or integrating the device with other gear. An instrument input, as you’d expect, is provided on a quarter-inch TS socket, whilst an XLR/TRS combo socket offers a microphone or line-level connection, and there are a pair of line-level stereo outputs — both are equipped with quarter-inch TRS sockets, and the first also features a pair of XLR connectors. A quarter-inch headphone output is provided for silent practise, and a 3.5mm stereo input is provided for playing along to backing tracks (wireless streaming is also supported via Bluetooth).

Four independant effects loops allow users to run their favourite pedals alongside the Tone Master Pro, and a set of four TRS sockets allow users to hook up a pair of expression pedals as well as offering toe switch and amp control connections. MIDI In and Out/Thru connections are provided on a pair of five-pin DIN sockets, and a USB connector allows the unit to be connected to a computer for creating, editing and sharing presets, as well as auditioning and downloading thousands of tones created by the Fender community.

FR-10 & FR-12

Alongside the release of the new system, Fender have also announced the launch of the Tone Master FR-10 and FR-12, a pair of full-range powered speakers designed specifically for use with digital amp modellers and profilers.

Both are powered by a 1000W Class-D amp, and feature a two-way design that pairs a 10- (FR-10) or 12-inch (FR-12) speaker with a one-inch wide dispersion high-frequency driver and an onboard three-band EQ and high-frequency cut allow players to fine-tune their on-stage tone without affecting the line-level output signal.

Fender FR-12 FR-10 full-range flat response active speakerThe new FR-12 & FR-10 active speakers are styled in the same way as classic Fender amps, but have been designed to work perfectly with digital amp modelling systems.They’ve been designed to look the part, too, each sporting a finish inspired by classic Fender amps.

Size & Weight


  • Dimensions: 435 x 492 x 244 mm
  • Weight: 12.5kg


  • Dimensions: 460.5 x 597 x 251 mm
  • Weight: 11.6kg

Pricing & Availability

The Tone Master Pro, FR-10 and FR-12 are available now. Prices are as follows:

  • Tone Master Pro: $1699.99£1649 including VAT / €1899
  • Tone Master FR-10: $499.99£469 including VAT / €549
  • Tone Master FR-12: $549.99£519 including VAT / €599…

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