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Focal introduce ST6 series

New subwoofer joins updated Solo6 and Twin6 monitors

Focal ST6 Series monitors

Focal have announced the ST6 series, a new monitor line featuring redesigned Solo6 and Twin6 monitors, as well as the Sub12, a newly designed subwoofer. Both new monitor designs benefit from new driver technology and a redesigned cabinet that results in enhanced detail and transparency, as well as a new version of Focus Mode, a functionality that offers a different speaker configuration at the press of a footswitch. With this mode engaged the woofer behaves as a single full-range driver, providing users with a built-in secondary reference when mixing.


Focal Solo6 active monitorFocal Solo6 active monitorThe Solo6 is a ported two-way monitor comprising of a 6.5-inch sandwich “W”-cone composite woofer, and a 1.5-inch beryllium inverted dome tweeter. The built-in amplifiers are rated at 80W RMS for the woofer, and 50W RMS for the tweeter. Frequency response is quoted as 45Hz - 40kHz (between the -3dB points), and a low-frequency cut-off (-6dB) is at 40Hz.

The monitor features switchable low-frequency and high-frequency shelving EQ, and a switchable high-pass filter that engages at 160Hz. Also featured is an automatic standby mode which can be disabled if required. The Solo6 measures 33.4 x 24.6 x 29.5cm and weighs in at 13kg, mounting points enable wall and ceiling mounting via the appropriate K&M hardware.


Focal Twin6 active monitorFocal Twin6 active monitorThe Twin6 is also ported, but features two 6.5-inch sandwich “W”-cone composite woofers positioned either side of a 1.5-inch beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Amplifier ratings here are 2 x 70W RMS for the woofers, and 50W RMS for the tweeter. Frequency response is the same as that of the Solo6, but the Twin6 delivers a higher SPL (112dB compared to 110dB from the Solo6). Switchable controls are also the same, with low-frequency and high-frequency shelving EQ on offer alongside the 160Hz high-pass filter. Each speaker measures 25.8x51.4x34.4cm and weighs 22kg.

Balanced inputs for both the Solo6 and Twin6 are provided on XLR sockets.


Focal Sub12 active subwooferFocal Sub12 active subwooferIn addition to the redesigned monitors, a new product is joining the ST6 range in the form of the Sub12. Focal are describing the new subwoofer as “highly articulate”, and say that it offers a level of definition and dynamics that are unrivalled in its price bracket. The subwoofer features a 13-inch driver, once again utilising Focal’s sandwich “W”-cone composite woofer design.

Frequency response is quoted as 30Hz - 400 Hz (between the -3db points) with a low cut-off (-6dB) at 28Hz. The amplifier delivers 600W RMS and the Sub12 is capable of producing an SPL of 124.5dB. A range of user controls are available including phase adjustment, polarity selection, switchable hi-pass crossover, and frequency cut-off selection. The Sub12 measures 60 x 48.7 x 56.8cm, and weighs 58kg. Balanced inputs are provided on XLR sockets, with a second pair of XLRs wired in parallel to provide an output to a pair of speakers. A dedicated summed left/right mono input is also present for use in LFE applications.

The Solo6 is priced at $1599£1199 including VAT, and the Twin6 at $2299£1699 including VAT. The Sub12 will cost $2599£2219 including VAT. All prices are per speaker.

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