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Latest Mixed On Focal playlist released

Demonstration tracks for Focal monitors

Mixed on Focal monitor auditioning demonstrating music playlist

Focal Naim America have announced the release of the fifth instalment in their series of Mixed On Focal playlists. Designed primarily as a demonstration tool for those auditioning models from the company’s range of loudspeakers, the playlists each feature tracks covering a wide range of musical genres mixed by professional engineers on various Focal monitors.

The latest playlist contains a total of 21 tracks, mixed by 13 engineers using a mix of monitors such as the Twin6 Be, Trio6 Be, Trio11 Be, Shape 40, Shape Twin and Alpha 80. Everything from rock to R&B, country, pop and electronic dance music is present (including a 27-minute instrumental synthesizer epic!), offering a wide selection of auditioning material that will deliver the sound of the tracks exactly as the artists and engineers intended.

As with the previous offerings in the series, the playlist is available on five streaming platforms: Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon Music HD and Spotify. Check out the link below to find out more about the engineers and artists involved, and gain access all five HD audio playlists:

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