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Frankfurt 2008: Beyerdynamic TGX 930 (Video)

True condenser vocal microphone

Beyerdynamic's latest offering is the TGX 930, a cardioid true condenser microphone that's designed for use by vocalists on stage. It's based on the MC 930 small-diaphragm studio condenser, and as such uses the same capsule, but it is far more rugged.

To keep the electronics safe, and to prevent handling noise, the internal components and the capsule of the TGX 930 are shock-mounted using rubber de-couplers. To suppress wind noise, there is a specially designed metal shield, which fits inside the head basket between the capsule and the external grille. This, say Beyerdynamic, allows more gain before feedback than is possible with a conventional foam windshield.

The standard black version of the mic is available now, costing just over 600 Euros, with a Nickel-coloured version due later this year. Check out the video below for more.

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