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Gainlab Audio unveil The Governor

Dual-slope compressor design with Tube Boost feature

Gainlab Audio OC1 The Governor dual-slope valve tube optical analogue outboard compressor

The latest addition to Gainlab Audio’s range of outboard gear builds upon the dual-slope concept employed in their Bishop compressor, as well as offering a version of the Tube Boost function found in the Empress EQ. The OC1 aka The Governor is valve-based compressor that can operate in either stereo or dual mono modes, and comes equipped with three modes that promise to deliver everything from gentle, LA-2A-style compression to an aggressive character previously unheard of in an optical design.

Gainlab Audio Dual SlopeThe Governor's dual-slope operation makes it possible to define a second threshold where more extreme compression is applied.The Governor’s headline feature is its dual-slope operation, which makes it possible to set a second threshold point where the unit will begin applying a much higher compression ratio with a harder knee. The feature essentially allows the unit to function as a pair of dynamics processors, with more aggressive-sounding gain reduction applied as the signal level increases beyond the second threshold. Gainlab say that the arrangement offers some flexible sound shaping options, and that the unit will retain a pleasing character even when applying more extreme settings.

As well as incorporating features from the Bishop, the new unit also borrows the Tube Boost function from the company’s Empress EQ, which makes it possible to drive the device’s valves harder for effect. The function has also been enhanced based on user feedback — here in The Governor, it comes equipped with switchable full-spectrum and high-frequency boost options. There’s also a side-chain filter control for each channel, and the unit can also be fed external side-chain signals via a pair of quarter-inch TS sockets on the rear panel. The centre of the front panel then houses a comprehensive meter section with a peak hold function for precise visual feedback on the compressor’s behaviour.

In terms of I/O, inputs and outputs for both channels are provided on XLR connectors, and power is delivered to an internal PSU via a standard IEC mains inlet.

Pricing & Availability

The Governor is available to pre-order now, priced at $2500£2300 including VAT. Exact shipping dates are yet to be confirmed.

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