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GForce release Oberheim SEM

Iconic synthesizer emulation released on Tom Oberheim’s birthday

GForce Oberheim SEM software synthesizer

GForce Software have announced the release of Oberheim SEM, a software recreation of the Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module which has been developed under the close guidance of Marcus Ryle and Tom Oberheim himself, with Tom saying “It’s so good to hear something that’s dear to my heart done properly in software”.

GForce say that every section of the original instrument has been painstakingly emulated, including the inaccuracies of the original analogue circuitry, and that the result is the most authentic emulation of the SEM sound available. Whilst remaining true to the original, GForce have also added some enhancements to make the SEM even more useful for modern music production. A third VCO has been added, and is capable of acting as an audio rate LFO, enabling additional modulation and FM possibilities. The LFOs are now able to be synced to a tempo, and a host of performance controls are provided via velocity and aftertouch. An arpeggiator and sequencer also make an appearance, and some built-in effects are provided in the form of a reverb and stereo delay.

Over 400 factory presets are included, with sounds designed by Dave Spiers, Graeme Rawson and Tom Wolfe showcasing the incredible sonic character of the SEM. A built-in preset browser allows quick and easy access to sounds, with each preset having been tagged and categorised. Integration with GForce’s Oberheim OB-E instrument is also provided, with both devices capable of loading each other’s presets. This makes it possible to sketch out sounds in the SEM and then load them into the OB-E, making them polyphonic in an instant.

The instrument is available for both Mac and Windows platforms as either a standalone application, or in the AU, AAX, VST2 and VST3 plug-in formats.  

The Oberheim SEM is available now priced at £49.99 excluding VAT, with an introductory price of £29.99 excluding VAT.

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