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Grace Design m908 firmware update

Multi-channel monitor controller gains DSP boost

Grace Design m908 firmware update surround immersive Dolby Atmos multi-channel monitor controller

Grace Design have announced that a version 2.1 firmware update is now available for their m908 24-channel monitor controller. Introducing a new web-based setup and control platform along with a significant boost to the system’s DSP capabilities, the update not only extends the capabilities of the unit, but also provides users with an easier way to configure their setup.

Grace Design m908 firmware update surround immersive Dolby Atmos multi-channel monitor controllerThe m908's new web-based configuration app.The web-based platform allows users to access the m908’s settings by entering the IP address of their unit into a browser on any device sharing the same local network.

From there, it is possible to access all of the unit’s monitoring features, as well as load, edit, and store all system parameters. There is no download required, and the setup can be accessed from any platform including Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.

The update also expands the m908’s room correction EQ facilities, with the controller now capable of supporting 12 bands of correction on all 24 of its channels at all supported sample rates, a move which helps to make Dolby Atmos certification possible in almost any room.

“This firmware and software has been a top priority project for our engineering team. The m908 has a very deep setup environment which can present a steep learning curve when operated on the hardware remote, but this new platform makes setup easy by allowing users to directly edit and store parameters into fields on a webpage.” - Michael Grace, President of Grace Design

For more information on the m908, take a look at our in-depth review from the June 2020 issue of SOS.

The update is available now. More information can be found on the Grace Design website.

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