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Grace Design update m908 firmware

Version 1.04 improves quality and flexibility of room correction filters

Grace Design have released a software update for their acclaimed surround-sound and immersive-audio compatible monitor controller, the m908.

In addition to its previous features (which you can read about in our review of the m908, here), firmware v1.04 improves on the original room-correction features by allowing you to flexibly allocate its 85 parametric bands to any combination of channels, rather than having a fixed 12 per channel, as before. The filters used in the m908’s room-correction and bass-management systems have also been upgraded to 64-bit fixed-point types, which Grace tell us improves their low-frequency noise performance.

Naturally, the firmware update is free to existing m908 owners. To find out more, and to download the new firmware, follow the link below.

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