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Alan Parsons to host live-streamed mix

Online event will be broadcast on 25th July from ParSonics Studios, CA

AlanParsons at his ParSonics recording facility.AlanParsons at his ParSonics recording facility.

Legendary engineer Alan Parsons will be hosting a live-streamed mixing session, as part of his acclaimed educational programme, Art & Science Of Sound Recording.

The session, which will be broadcast from ParSonics Studios in Santa Barbara on 25th July, will see Parsons mix a live performance of his own group Alan Parsons Live Project, featuring not just the eight-member band but also the 50-piece-plus Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

In addition to seeing and hearing the mix being put together from scratch, the all-day live stream will also feature mini interviews with Parsons himself, plus ParSonics engineer Noah Bruskin, and also a virtual tour of the studio, a set of pop quizzes, and the opportunity to pose your own questions to all those involved.

Tickets start at $195, and the all-day live stream will run from 09:30am to 6pm, PST. To find out more, and to book your ticket, follow the link below.

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