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The inseparable bond between Shure and Harris Jayaraj

The legendary SM58

Harris Jayaraj, a highly celebrated Indian music and film composer, shares a very loyal bond with Shure products. Five times Winner of the prestigious film fare Award for best music Director, Harris has been using the SM58 vocal microphone since the day he started to practice music. Being a performing artist travelling across the globe, he counts only on Shure products for their extreme reliability. He likes the detail and clarity provided by Shure products. Different Shure products can be commonly seen in his recording studio. For Harris, using Shure products is a truly enjoyable experience!

Belonging to one of the metropolitans of India-Chennai, Harris is a face widely recognized in the Indian Music Industry. At the age of six, he began his formal training in Carnatic music and scored the highest mark in Asia on his 4th grade exam of Trinity College of Music, London. He has composed music for various television commercials including Coca-Cola. In 2008, he composed an advert campaign help children who had dropped out of school early in Tamil Nadu. With the Ministry of Education in Tamil Nadu he created a short commercial video outlining child poverty, labour and lack of education. In 2011, Harris announced his first world tour titled ‘Harris on the Edge ‘performing live across the globe supported by a troupe of the Tamil playback singers.

Harris Jayaraj with Shure SM58Harris Jayaraj with Shure SM58

Harris. “I have been using Shure since the day I fell in love with music. You can’t separate the microphones from the life of a musician. All my recording studios are equipped with various Shure products. I have used them in all my projects and albums. When I put a Shure microphone in front of instruments like a violin, saxophone and guitar I can hear the natural character of the instrument. Sound I have mixed in the recording studio will be heard in any consumer system. I have seen Shure products commonly used among performers across the music industry, it has become cult product. In regards to the Shure wireless products, a performer can run and dance over the stage without worrying about wires and other accessories. They have amazing receivers and transmitters which make us perform well. Shure is the only brand I trust when it comes to performance and recording,it is a representation of durability and reliability. The legendary SM58 and I are inseparable.”

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