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iZotope hold Flash Sale on Neutron Elements

Save 78% on mixing plug-in until Monday 21 August

Following the success of their Ozone 7 Element flash sale last week, iZotope are back with another enticing flash sale, this time for Neutron Elements. Designed for music producers and podcasters on a budget, Neutron Elements features some of iZotope´s best audio processing, allowing users to achieve better sounding mixes inside their DAW.  

Neutron Elements includes powerful new features like Track Assistant and EQ Learn to help users quickly reach an optimal starting point, identify mix issues, and fully wield creative control over all their mix decisions — and all for £21.95 / 26 Euros this weekend.

Check out our review of the fully fledged version here: 

Features include:

  • Track Assistant - Machine learning mixing assistant that lets you create a custom preset based on your audio.
  • EQ Learn - Listens to your audio to help hunt down harshness, sibilance, and resonance in seconds.
  • Compressor - Created with parallel processing in mind for sonic versatility.
  • Track Identification - Automatically detects different instrument tracks then applies spectral shaping technology with the aim of improving clarity and balance.
  • Transient Shaper - A tool that is intended to increase clarity, perceptual loudness, and enhance impacts.
  • Exciter - Included for adding punch, warmth, brightness, and presence to your track without muddying the sound.
  • Over 200 Presets - Audition and pick one of over 200 module presets to build your mix piece by piece for quick results.

Neutron Elements is available now for just £21.95 / 26.00 Euro, that’s a saving of 78%. The sale ends this coming Monday (21st August).

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