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JBL introduce PRX900 Series

Professional portable PA systems

JBL PRX900 Series portable professional pa system active two-way cabinets subwoofers

JBL have introduced the PRX900 Series, a new line of DSP-equipped loudspeakers and subwoofers which they say deliver unrivalled power performance, offering a versatile solution for DJs, bands, music venues, and rental companies.


The series consists of three powered two-way loudspeakers: the PRX908, PRX912, and PRX15 (equipped with eight, 12 and 15-inch drivers respectively, and 1.5-inch tweeters), and two powered subwoofers, the PRX915XLF (15-inch driver) and PRX918XLF (18-inch driver). The two-way cabinets are constructed from a polypropylene/talcum composite, which has been designed for optimal acoustic performance and durability, whilst the subwoofers are housed in an 18mm birch ply cabinet with a Duraflex coating.

All of the models within the range utilise JBL’s new proprietary drivers, with the high frequencies taken care of by the company’s patented 2408H-2 1.5-inch compression drivers. Each cabinet is powered by efficient Class-D amplifiers, which JBL say provide acoustic clarity and definition with minimal power compression, even at maximum volume.

All of the units within the series can be used in a variety of configurations, allowing for a scaleable solution for both mobile and installation applications. The two-way cabinets are equipped with 36mm pole sockets, as well as M10 suspension points, whilst the subwoofers are each fitted with M20 pole cups. Each of the two-way cabinets also feature gyro sensors which automatically optimise the speaker’s tuning for either monitoring or front of house applications depending on its placement.

DSP & App

The PRX900 Series features on-board DSP which offers 12-band parametric EQ, integrated dbx Drive Rack technology with live and fixed Automatic Feedback Suppression, a soft system limiter with Soundcraft Overeasy option, and speaker delay settings and presets. The functionality is accessible via onboard LCDs on the speaker cabinets themselves, as well as remotely via the JBL Pro Connect app. The app allows the control of up to 10 speakers from the PRX900, PRX ONE, EON ONE MK2, and EON700 ranges, and also offers additional features such as speaker grouping and snapshots.

Key Specs


  • Power - 2000W (Peak)
  • Frequency Response - 65Hz - 20kHz (-3dB)
  • Maximum SPL - 126dB
  • Dimensions - 479 x 312 x 285 mm
  • Weight - 13.7kg


  • Power - 2000W (Peak)
  • Frequency Response - 65Hz - 17kHz (-3dB)
  • Maximum SPL - 132dB
  • Dimensions - 636 x 394 x 332 mm
  • Weight - 19.5kg


  • Power - 2000W (Peak)
  • Frequency Response - 60Hz - 16kHz (-3dB)
  • Maximum SPL - 133dB
  • Dimensions - 717 x 465 x 383 mm
  • Weight - 24.1kg


  • Power - 2000W (Peak)
  • Frequency Response - 40 - 87 Hz (-3dB)
  • Maximum SPL - 131dB
  • Dimensions - 549 x 480 x 580 mm
  • Weight - 28.6kg


  • Power - 2000W (Peak)
  • Frequency Response - 35 - 92 Hz (-3dB)
  • Maximum SPL - 134dB
  • Dimensions - 693 x 591 x 654 mm
  • Weight - 40.7kg

As with all JBL products, the PRX900 Series’ components undergo 100-hour stress tests, and all of the speakers are backed by a seven-year warranty.

Pricing & Availability

The PRX900 Series is available now, with pricing as follows:

  • PRX908 - £1049 RRP inc VAT
  • PRX912 - £1199 RRP inc VAT
  • PRX915 - £1299 RRP inc VAT
  • PRX915XLF - £1449 RRP inc VAT
  • PRX918XLF - £1569 RRP inc VAT

The PRX900 Series is available now, with pricing information available through authorised retailers.

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