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AES 2017: JBL 7 Series powered monitors (Video)

JBL Pro 7 Series powered monitors shipping now

Harman were demoing their JBL Professional 7 Series powered monitors at the AES Convention this week, and have just announced that the speakers have begun shipping. The new JBL 705P and 708P self-powered models have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of complex music and post-production applications.

The 7 Series Powered studio monitors feature newly developed JBL high- and low-frequency transducers driven by dual 250W power amplifiers to deliver two-to-three times the output of conventional studio monitors, as well as exceptional dynamic range, claim Harman.

Proprietary JBL waveguide technology has been implemented to provide a neutral response and exceptional room-to-room consistency, say Harman, while built-in room EQ help to remedy common low-frequency issues that have plagued engineers for years. The system includes balanced analogue and AES/EBU inputs for connecting to a broad range of sources. A HARMAN HiQnet™ Network port is provided for future upgrades.

Also available from JBL is the Intonato 24. This device has been designed to simplify monitor system setup while offering precise automated calibration and complete control of monitor systems in stereo, surround and immersive-audio configurations. Intonato 24 includes a calibration microphone and an Automated Speaker Calibration process that “tunes” each 7 Series speaker to compensate for speaker placement and room acoustics. The intention being to deliver a neutral response to the mix position—even in less-than-ideal workspaces. The elegant Intonato Desktop Controller provides instant access to Intonato 24’s master volume, scenes, mute and solo, bass management, aux send and talkback capabilities.

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