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Kenton announce Pro Solo Mk3 MIDI-CV converter

Problem solving box offers more CV control than ever

Modular synths are everywhere and with the popularity of the Eurorack format, they largely exist as part of a single, unified ecosystem. However, if you want to control your modular synth rig from a more traditional piece of MIDI gear, then you have a problem as Eurorack modules are generally controlled by control voltage (CV). SOS Reviews Editor Matt Houghton took a brief look at the new Kenton Pro Solo Mk3 at the recent SynthFest UK — an update to a well-loved device that solves this very problem.

Kenton have made a name for themselves as purveyors of useful boxes (converters, splitters etc.) for synth users and their Pro Solo Mk3 is featured accordingly. It keeps all the features of the Mk2 which Gordon Reid reviewed way back in 2006, including MIDI Thru, 16-bit D-A conversion for solid pitch performance and AUX outputs for controlling parameters such as VCF, PWM or VCAs from an external controller.

The Mk3 provides three AUX outputs, as opposed to the two on its predecessor, each available on its own 3.5mm jack, giving you even greater control over different elements of your pre-MIDI or modular set up.

It’s set to be available very soon with a UK price tag of £158.40.

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