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Extend MIDI up to 500m with Kenton LNDX

Uses Cat 5e cable for long-distance MIDI routing

Kenton LNDX MIDI extender Line Driver Pro etherCON Cat 5e

Kenton Electronics are well known for their range of MIDI utility devices, and offer a huge collection of handy boxes for converting between splitting and merging MIDI, converting to and from CV signals, retrofitting MIDI connections to old gear and more. Their latest offering falls under their Line Driver range, and makes it possible to send MIDI data up to 500m using standard Cat 5e cables. 

The LNDX MIDI Line Driver Pro can be used to pass MIDI data over network cables at far greater distances than the 15m defined in the original specification. The system comprises Main and Secondary units, each equipped with a MIDI input and output on five-pin DIN connectors, and a Neutrik etherCON connector — as each box is fitted with both an input and output, it’s possible to send data in both directions. The Main unit is powered by an included PSU, and passes it on to the Secondary via the same Cat 5e cable that carries the data.

Kenton say that the combination of balanced line drivers in the LNDX and twisted-pair Cat 5e cable means that the system boasts a high immunity to noise and results in a very high degree of signal integrity, providing a reliable connection over much greater distances than can be achieved with standard MIDI cables. They also recommend the use of Cat 5e rather than Cat 5, as the latter will reduce the system’s maximum transmission length to 100m. 

Pricing & Availability

The LNDX is available to order now, priced at £174.72 including VAT. Shipping dates are yet to be confirmed.

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