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KMI QuNeo controller set to ship in May

Pressure, velocity & location sensitive pads, sliders, rotary sensors & switches

Keith McMillen Instruments have announced that their new product, the QuNeo, will begin shipping to UK dealers in May. The QuNeo is a new take on pad controllers for electronic musicians, DJs, or anyone seeking advanced, tactile and expressive control over computing and live performance.

<strong>QuNeo is designed to work via USB, MIDI or OSC right out of the box: </strong>KMI QuNeo

Key Features of the QuNeo:

Tactile Pads, Sliders, Rotary Sensors and Switches
Each of the 27 pads, sliders and rotary sensors are pressure, velocity, and location sensitive. Even the 17 switches respond to how hard you press.
LED Light Feedback
A remarkable illumination scheme combines variably diffusive elastomers with 251 multi-color LEDs providing visual feedback that is immediately responsive and delightfully informative. Man and machine are coupled through light, feel and sound.
Trigger Pads
16 square pads each provide 127 levels of velocity response, X-Y location and continuous pressure.
Rotary Sensors
2 rotary sensors allow you to scrub, trigger, stretch, pinch and play phrases and sound files, manipulate continuous controllers and more. Each rotary sensor measures angle, pressure and distance from the center.
Multi-touch Sliders
9 touch sensitive sliders can be mapped to fader and effects controls. LEDs within each slider act as VU meters or remind you where you were. Multi-touch lets you select a length between two fingers to set stereo locations or filter resonances. Tapping a slider can mute or toggle any track or function.
The switches are located in smart groupings to select samples, fader banks, and transport controls. Each of the switches can scan up and down through files at speeds variable with your touch. Great for quickly locating that perfect fill or telling your looper you really meant it.
The Size of an iPad
QuNeo is the size of an iPad and can fit in iPad accessories such as mic clips, stands and more.
Class Compliant and Open Source Development Kit
QuNeo works with USB, MIDI or OSC and will communicate with your favorite music software environments right out of the box. More advanced users and programmers can use the development kit and API to create their own code to respond to QuNeo's sensor data.

The QuNeo is the result of the number one most funded music technology project in Kickstarter history. The working prototype created so much excitement that the Kickstarter project generated $165,914 dollars, over 11 times the $15,000 dollar goal to support the rapid production.

The KMI QuNeo will be distributed in the UK by DACS Ltd, and will retail for £199.95 inc. VAT.

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