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Livestock Electronics present first five Eurorack modules

Wavetable oscillator, quad distortion/VCA unveiled at Superbooth

Livestock Electronics is the brainchild of Dutchman Daniel Mulder, a former games developer-turned-synth maker. The company, though only one year old, already has five modules, and we took a little look at the prototypes at Superbooth in Berlin. They are:

  • Maze (€350-400): a 4-in/4-out mixer/router for audio and CV.
  • Bang (€300-320), a digital wavetable oscillator module ideal for chiptune/gameboy-type sounds that lets you create and share your own wavetable libraries thanks to an SD card slot.
  • Sheppard (€500), a four-channel step sequencer with 16 track and 16 loops, designed for a live setting and specifically geared towards polyphonic and polyrhythmic patterns.
  • Felix (€100), a buffered attenuator that is particularly useful for creating DC offsets, and finally...
  • MIR (€230), a quad distortion/VCA/logic gate/voltage inverter that works for moth CV and audio and provides both inverted and regular outputs.

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