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M-Clarity plug-in from Techivation

Tackles 'boxy' and 'muddy' tracks and mixes

Techivation M-Clarity dynamic resonance suppressor plug-in clean muddy boxy sounds

Techivation have recently announced the second release in their new M series line-up, M-Clarity. Described as a dynamic resonance suppressor, the plug-in aims to enhance the overall clarity and tonal balance of individual sources or entire mixes using spectral shaping technology.

Users are able to target specific areas of their signal using a Frequency Range slider, and have the plug-in suppress unwanted resonances without introducing and artefacts. The overall amount of processing applied is defined by a large central Suppression control, with some fine-tuning provided by a pair of Intensity and Focus parameters.

The former specifies the bandwidth of resonances that M-Clarity will search for, and the latter allows the processing to be applied proportionally depending on the level of detected resonances. At lower Focus settings, all resonances will be processed identically, whereas higher settings will result in heavier processing being applied to louder resonances.

Techivation M-Clarity dynamic resonance suppressor plug-in clean muddy boxy soundsM-Clarity's clean and simple GUI will be a familiar sight to Techivation users.Hard and Soft modes determine how strongly the plug-in applies its processing. Hard mode simply removes resonances without any additional processing, whilst Soft mode will apply spectral smoothing, resulting in more gentle-sounding results at the cost of some precision. Attack and Release parameters are also present, allowing users to define how quickly the spectral processing will react to resonances, and how gradually it fades away. If desired, it is possible to set instant attack and release times without introducing any distortion.

A pair of large input and output level meters provide a visual indication of signal levels, and a Gain control allows the output level to be adjusted to compensate for any volume differences introduced by the plug-in’s processing. A pair of buttons labelled Diff and Filter then provide some additional monitoring options, with Diff allowing users to hear the difference between the input and output signals, and Filter soloing the bandwidth defined by the Frequency Range slider.

M-Clarity is said to be a versatile tool that is capable of tackling issues with individual tracks, such as ‘boxy’ or ‘muddy’ vocal or instrument sounds, or being used to control the overall frequency balance of entire mixes during the mixing and mastering stages. As with all of the company’s offerings, the plug-in presents users with a simple and intuitive GUI that places all of the key features within easy reach, and also offers some helpful features such as built-in undo/redo functions and A/B comparisons.


M-Clarity is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and above, and both Intel and M1/M2 Macs running macOS 10.13 and later. VST, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

M-Clarity is available now, with an introductory pricing offer of $45 running until 14 June 2023. Its full price will be $129.

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