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Martinic introduce CLAP support

Entire software range updated

Martinic CLAP compatibility plug-in format update

Plug-in and virtual instrument developer Martinic have announced that an update that introduces CLAP plug-in compatibility to their entire software range is now available.

In addition to existing VST and AU versions, the company’s AX73, Scanner Vibrato, Elka Panther, Kee Bass, Martinic Colorsound Tremolo, Lem Echo Music, and AX Chorus all now feature CLAP support. The company say that they are also planning to introduce VST3 and AAX versions later this year, and are currently working hard to ensure that each of the new versions offer optimum performance along with a smooth install process.

Developed by U-he in collaboration with a wide range of audio software developers, CLAP is an open-source format that promises to deliver a range of performance and functionality improvements when compared to existing options. Optimisation for modern multi-core CPUs has resulted in CLAP versions of plug-ins exhibiting significant performance gains during preliminary tests, whilst adherence to the recent MIDI 2.0 specification also facilitates a range of improvements to modulation and automation capabilities.

More details on the format, including information for developers, can be found on the U-he website.


Updates for each of the plug-ins are available to download now on the Martinic website.

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