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Measure your acoustics with Artnovion Impulso app

Portuguese acoustic treatment makers launch new tool

Artnovion, a Portuguese maufacturer of high-quality but affordable acoustic products have released their first acoustic measurement app: Impulso.

More than simply a measurement tool, Impulso is designed to help both audio professionals, hi-fi enthusiasts and engineers tune their rooms without requiring specialist training. With a user-friendly layout, room measurement is carried out in a few easy steps via the software’s intuitive interface. Configure the sound levels, and click ‘Go!’ for immediate results. For customers familiar with acoustic analysis, the software also provides results for the reverberation time graph and full frequency response.

As well as measuring the room, you can pick your desired Artnovion products, and the app automatically simulates how the roooms acoustics will improve, showing the improved reverberation time graph. Users can then send on their report, or share it directly with the company.

Impulso app is currently available free of charge on iOS 9. 

To download Impulso, visit the link below. For more information about Artnovion products, including their range of acoustic solutions, contact Artnovion UK.

tel: +44 (0) 1691 658550

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