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MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection from IK Multimedia

Created in collaboration with legendary amp designers

IK Multimedia MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection Dual Triple Rectifier Mark IIC+ Mark IV amp cabinet model TONEX

IK Multimedia’s TONEX platform boasts a staggering collection of virtual guitar and bass amps, cabinet and effects processors that can be used in the studio, or taken to the stage using the hardware TONEX Pedal. The latest bundle of Tone Models to join the collection captures five popular MESA/Boogie amps played through two different cabinets.

The MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection has been developed in partnership with the legendary amp company themselves, with all of the resulting Tone Models fine-tuned by MESA’s Doug West and Sean Beresford. A total of 70 models are included, and have been created using four reference heads (particular models recognised by MESA/Boogie as being exceptional examples), a pair of reference cabinets (4x12 Slope and 1x12 Widebody Extension) and a Limited Edition King Snake combo.

Amp Models

The first amp in the collection is the sought-after 1984 Boogie Mark IIC+, a model played by the likes of James Hetfield, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Neal Schon and many others — a range of settings that highlight its best qualities were captured, including the infamous ‘V’ graphic EQ curve. A Boogie Mark IV from the early 1990’s follows, delivering a thicker tone than the Mark IIC+, and offering a range of settings both with and without EQ dialled in.

IK Multimedia MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection Dual Triple Rectifier Mark IIC+ Mark IV amp cabinet model TONEXTwo cabinet options are provided, and direct signals have been captured for those who'd prefer to use their own cabinet impulse responses.Fans of high-gain tones will be pleased to see a pair of MESA Engineering offerings in the form of the Dual Rectifier and Triple Rectifier. Tone Models of both the Vintage and Modern channels of the Dual Rectifier are provided, along with its Silicon Diodes and Tube Rectifier settings, offering a diverse range of modern metal tones, whilst the Triple Rectifier model benefits from captures taken with a Peppers Dirty Tree Boost pedal for an even tighter, more extreme sound. Lastly, the Limited Edition King Snake is described as the missing link between traditional low-gain modern high-gain amplifiers.

As well as capturing the four heads paired with two different cabinet options, IK Multimedia have also provided a number of Tone Models created from a direct output, allowing users to pair them with their own choice of cabinet impulse responses.


MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection runs in any version of IK Multimedia’s TONEX Mac or PC software, and are also compatible with the hardware TONEX Pedal.

Pricing & Availability

MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection is available now, priced at $99.99.

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