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Messe 2018: Avantone AV10MHF & AV10MLF

Replacement speakers for NS-10M monitors shown at Musikmesse

The Yamaha NS-10M is without doubt one of the most ubiquitous pieces of studio equipment ever made. A mainstay in professional and home studios for years, the white-coned speaker remains to this day one of the most trusted monitors for mix work. However, since Yamaha stopped making the NS-10M parts have become less readily available. That's where Avantone come in. With their newly developed AV10MHF and AV10MLF replacement speakers for the NS-10M — made in the same factory that made the originals — Avantone are aiming to return the iconic speaker to its former glory.

Now that Avantone have made both replacement speakers, isn't it time someone started manufacturing the cabinets again?

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