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Moog Mavis semi-modular synth

Affordable Moog synth will come supplied in kit form

Moog Mavis semi-modular analogue synthesizer

Moog have announced the release of Mavis, a budget-friendly semi-modular synthesizer that can be used as a standalone instrument, or become part of a Eurorack system.

Mavis features a single full range analogue oscillator equipped with pulse-width modulation, waveform mixing, and mod source mixing, whilst filtering duties are taken care of by Moog’s -24dB low-pass Ladder Filter. The modulation routing utilises crossfaders rather than switches, allowing users to blend between a variable shape LFO and four-stage envelope generator, which Moog say provides interesting and unusual modulation contours.

Moog Mavis DFAMMavis housed with Moog's DFAM percussion synthesizer.Mavis is also the first Moog instrument to feature a wavefolding circuit, allowing for additive as well as subtractive synthesis. A sample and hold circuit generates a random CV pattern that can be patched to modulate other parameters, and can be used to set Mavis into a ‘random sequencing’ performance mode. There is also a broad modular utilities section, with the device sporting attenuators, offsets, mults, and a flexible DC-coupled mixer.

Moog say that the Mavis is perfect for both beginners and established synthesists alike, with its semi-modular design and one-octave keyboard allowing for immediate musical exploration without any further equipment (except of course a speaker or headphones!). When removed from its enclosure, the instrument becomes a 24-point patchable 44HP Eurorack module, allowing for integration with existing modular setups.

Moog Mavis semi-modular analogue synthesizer DIY kitMavis will come supplied in kit form, with no soldering required.

Mavis will come supplied as a kit, which Moog say will be able to be built quickly by users of any skill level with no soldering required. Once the instrument is assembled, a selection of educational material and patch books guide users through creative patching and sound design. Also supplied is a fitted protective cover to keep the device safe during downtime or whilst being transported.

We've had our hands on the Mavis, with a full review appearing in the upcoming July edition of Sound On Sound magazine. 

The Mavis is available now, priced at $349.

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