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Musikmesse 2013: Audient ID22 (Video)

AD/DA Interface with monitoring system

Musikmesse saw a lot of firsts from companies we know and respect. One of these was the first USB audio interface from Audient, dubbed the ID22.

The ID22 features two class-A mic preamps on combi inputs, a 6-output monitor controller and a headphone amplifier. The two mic inputs have individually switchable phantom power, -10dB pad, phase inversion and high pass filter, and a dedicated DI on input 2. 

Looking at outputs, the monitor section has control over four outputs - two for a main set of monitors and another two for an alternative pair of monitors or for cue mix. The main stereo outputs are made on balanced line level TRS outputs, and plugging outboard gear into the signal path is also possible with the inclusion of two send and return points.

For those users wanting to expand their I/O, there's ADAT in and out ports for connecting extra units such as the ASP008 8-channel mic preamp and A/D converter. This allows an extra eight channels of input and output, and supports sample rates up to 96kHz.

There is accompanying software which can be used in conjunction with three assignable function keys, that allows mono mix functionality, talkback toggling, and output switching.

We managed to get a closer look at the ID22 at Musikmesse last week. For only £595 inc VAT, it looks rather handy. Check it out below.

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