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NAMM 2009: IK Multimedia Amplitube Fender

Guitar processing plug-in
Many SOS readers would love a full collection of classic Fender amps; a few of you might already have some, but for most, space and budget restrictions mean owning that classic collection will remain a dream.
The latest software product from IK Multimedia is Amplitube Fender, a suite of modelled guitar and bass amps, cabinets and effects, all of which sport the Fender badge. There are 12 amp models, including a ’57 Deluxe, a ’59 Bassman, the Vibroverb and the small but feisty Champion 600, plus 12 cabinets ranging from the Vibrotone to the 810 Pro. To get the classic Fender sound, the effects sections from various Fender amps have been modelled and ported into separately selectable processing modules.

There are also nine different mic models (non-Fender, of course), with names such as Condenser 87, Dynamic 421 and Ribbon 160. No prizes for guessing what's what!
The new software, which will cost $199 when it becomes available, works as a stand-alone application or as a VST, Audio Units or RTAS plug-in. As with other versions of Amplitude, there's a tuner built in to the graphical user interface and IK's SpeedTrainer and Riffworks applications come bundled.
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