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NAMM 2016: Shure KSM8 (Video)

Dual-Diaphragm Dynamic Handheld Microphone

There’s more to Shure’s latest handheld microphone, the KSM8, than meets the eye. First of all, the new mic features a patented cartridge design with two ultra-thin diaphragms giving meaning a great reduction in the proximity effect. The diaphragms are held in place by Shure’s new diaphragm stabilisation system that Shure claim protects the diaphragms during impact and plosives, and also allegedly reduces high-frequency handling noise.

Also, behind the mic’s dent-resistant, carbon-steel grille is a layer of hydrophobic woven fabric to keep out water, wind and plosives. Editor-in-Chief Paul White get the lowdown at the NAMM show.

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