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New online course from Alan Parsons

Fundamentals Of Recording & Music Production

Art & Science Of Sound Recording

Alan Parsons' online education programme Art & Science Of Sound Recording (ASSR) has announced a new 26-part course called The Fundamentals Of Recording & Music Production.

As its name suggests, the course is intended as a primer for anyone interested in getting into music production, and covers a wide range of topics including soundproofing and acoustics, common studio tools such as EQ, compression, delay and reverb, best practice for capturing common instruments like vocals, guitars, drums and keyboards, and much more. In addition to these timeless topics, the course also features a particularly relevant module titled Internet Recording, which offers advice and tips on recording remotely while maintaining project integrity and audio quality.

The new course is entirely self-directed and has no time limits, allowing students to develop their skills at their own pace. The course is enrolling now and launches on 15th September. It costs $395.

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